Gimbya von der Burg Litermont


Information of "Gimbya von der Burg Litermont"


           ZB-Nr.:                    VDH 09 / 109 6974

              born:                    16.08.2009

Color:                     Red wheaten

 (HD):                     A 1

     elllbows/sholders, OCD/ED:                     Free

          DM:                    Genotyp N/N

  Dilute Status:                    D / D homozygot

               JME:                    N/N

             Heart:                    Strong and clear,

                                           without patalogical findings

  withers heigt:                    65,5 cm

     weight:                    34 kg

       Nose:                    Black

       teeth:                    Fulldentioned, complete scissors bite


                  Breeding exam: Dortmund Unna 2011-06-04

                        Judge:                    Karin van Klaveren


 Gimbya has passed the breeding exam with "A" in all its parts.


self assurance:                    very good

 temperament:                    very good

      traktability:                    very good

        shot test:                    no reaction


Typical bitch with excellent anatomy and gait.


Gimbya took part in the study for


in Helsinki.
The result of this study is:

Gimbya is not a carrier of the mutation.