Queenly-Sunshine-Malee von der Burg Litermont

Portraits in the age of 22 days and 6 weeks.


Pictures from the first 8 weeks and the puppy breeding.


Pictures in her new home.
Many thanks to the owners for the photos.

Breeding exam at 2021-07-25.

Congratulations for the passed ZZP.


                                            Sunday:       2021-07-25

                                            Lokation:    73547 Lorch

                                            Judge:         Burghard Seibel

                                            VDH Club:    DZRR e.V.


Malee was presented by Dani at the breeding exam professional.

Malee convinced the judge in all parts of the test and

thus passed with the grad "A".

Show results from

Queenly-Sunshine-Malee von der Burg Litermont

 Congratulations on these results.

DZRR Spezialzuchtschau Neuenburg 19.06.2021
DZRR Spezialzuchtschau Neuenburg 19.06.2021



Intermediate- Class


DZRR Special Dog-Show


A. Dohnal (A)

V 1, CAC Club

       CAC VDH



DZRR Special Dog Show


E. Hammerschmidt (A)

V 2,

Res. CAC Club





Special Dog-Show,


M. Riedel (D)

V 2,

Res. JCAC Club


2020-09-27 CAC/CACIB Maastricht S.Desserne (FR) V4
2020-09-26 CAC/CACIB Maastricht T.Skaar (SE)


  • 2020-09-13, CAC-Show for all breeds in ZWOLLE (NL) outdoor

           Judge: Hans Boelaars (NL), Exc 1, 1st place, Youth-Winner


Congratulations to the Youth-Winner in ZWOLLE.

The trip to the Netherlands was very successful for

Daniela and Queenly-Sunshine-Malee.

Both started in youth class and were with the 1st place and Youth-Winner rewarded.


  • 2020-09-12, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club-Sow in Heteren, Netherlands.

           Judge: Jan Coppens (NL), Exc 1, 1st Place in the Youth-Class

Congratulations to the first place in the Youth-Class.


In a strong class with 16 bitches, Queenly-Sunshine-Malee

received a great judg's report an the rating Excellent 1.

  • 2020-07-26, Hamburg Open Air 2020, HH-WINNER,                                        special exhibition at the club RRCD, Judge: Marie-Josée Melchior-Schlechter (L)

Congratulations to the second place in Youth-Class.


Daniele drove the the open-Air 2020 with Malee.

Special exhibition RRCD, Hamburg.




Starts for the first time in the youth class.

Daniel has shown Malee professionally.

In a strongly occupied class, they reached the rating,

Excellent 2.


  • 2020-02-22, special pedigree dog show Oer-Erkenschwick                           RR Club Elsa e.V.,  Judge: Hans Stigt (Niederlande)

Queenly-Sunshine-Malee sniffed exhibition air for the first time.
Daniela and Malee have mastered the first exhibition with flying colors.
In a very strong puppy class with 9 bitches they got

a great judge report and the rating VV3.


Training in the dog school on May 30th, 2020