Queenly-Casa-Nova-Joep von der Burg Litermont


Portraits in the age of 22 days and 6 weeks.


Pictures from the first 8 weeks and the puppy breeding.


Pictures in her new home.
Many thanks to the owners for the photos.


Pictures of Queenly-Casa-Nova-Joep from January 2020.
Many thanks to Kees Gravendeel for the photos.


Congratulations to Ciska and Joep


Ciska and Joep drove to Venray naer Eindhoven for the exhibition.
Joep was introduced professionally by Ciska.
I am very proud of both, because they were able to drive home

with an excellent result and judge report.


  • 2020-02-08, Dogshow Eindhoven (NL), VV1 und BOB-Puppy

Queenly-Casa-Nova-Joep started at the
Kerst winning show / Christmas winning show.

  • 22.12.2019, Evenementenhal Gorinchem (NL) VV1 and BOS-Puppy

                               Skilfully performed by Ciska,

                               Joep mastered his second show with flying colors.


First exhibition for Queenly-Casa-Nova-Joep.

  • 03.11.2019, Bleiswijk (NL) VV1 and BOS-Puppy                                             After getting used to the noise in the hall, Joep quickly felt well. He was relaxed in the ring, showed what he had learned and was rewarded with a nice judge's report and received his first VV 1.