Odin-Axim von der Burg Litermont


Portraits at the age of 4 and 7 weeks.


Pictures from the first 8 weeks.


Pictures from the puppies n their new at home.

Thanks to the owner for the photos.




Jüren and axim




Dream Team



Already in autumn 2017,

the two went to the dog schoole southwest to Kirrberg.

The training for Axim began.


It was completely uncharted territory for him.


A tireless training bears fruit.




Basic education cours


2018-03-17 – 2018-05-12


A diligent training bears fruit.



The exam was on 12.05.2018.



Jürgen and Axim successfully passed the exam.


Jürgen could proudly accept the certificate.


With vigor we continue to the next course.




Advanced course
04.08.2018 - 22.09.2018

The exam was on 22.09.2018.

The already well-rehearsed team mastered the exam without any problems.

The certificate was handed over to Jürgen.







Relaxing and recovering

after work.


Sovereign and without

any problems

went Axim on a boat trip.


They had a nice weekend.


Power and energy gain for the next course.